Caerphilly Workmen's Hall

90 years at the heart of the community

Caerphilly Workmen's Hall needs your help!


We're trying to find funding so that we can repair and refurbish the Hall, but we need to show that there is support for what we are trying to do. So please click here and complete our short survey.


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Thank you!

Kathy Lye completed the London Marathon in

6 hours and 19 minutes!


Not the fastest time, but she raised over £1,100 for Caerphilly Workmen's Hall and we're all very proud of her.


Thanks for your support!

If you would prefer to just donate directly to help support Caerphilly Workmen's Hall, please go to the Ian Macdonald Memorial Fund page.


Or, you can go to our fundraising page to see who is trying to raise money to help us refurbish the Hall.